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Business Sectors:
Montérégie: Beloeil, Mont St-Hilaire, McMasterville, Otterburn Park.

A food lover's paradise

Between Montréal and the U. S. border, peace and quiet can be found in a pretty valley. Welcome to the Montérégie! Puncutated by hills, crisscrossed by the gentle flowing Rivière Richelieu and outlined by the banks of the St. Lawrence River, this strongly agricultural region offers a vast assortment of delicacies. Apple growers, vegetable farmers, chocolate makers, farmers and grape producers welcome tourists to come and sample their specialties or to pick their own. Itineraries are available for gourmets, i.e. the Circuit des paysans (country living tour) and the Route des cidres (cider route). The Montérégie is the perfect place for relaxation and escape, with plenty of golf courses, five long intertwining cycling trails (500 km/800 mi.), hiking and cross-country ski trails, parks, theatres, antique shops and an impressive network of tourist inns.

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